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AmpedSupps™ EAA+BCAAs & Hydration


AmpedSuppsEAA+BCAAs & Hydration

 Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and aid in overall health, recovery, and growth. Amped Supps EAA + BCAAs hydration formula is comprised of essential amino acids to maximize performance and recovery by activating muscle protein synthesis.

This tasty formula is designed to be used before, during, and after training sessions to enhance hydration and recovery. If you’re serious about maximizing your performance, recovery, and growth, this is the perfect solution to keep you chasing those gains. In total, you’re getting 7.5 grams of amino acids in every scoop, which will boost recovery by decreasing muscle protein breakdown and increase muscle protein synthesis.

*Fully disclosed ingredient label
*2.5g EAAs packed into each serving
*5g BCAAs
*2.5g L-Glutamine to support immune functions, gastrointestinal integrity, and muscle protein synthesis
*1g Coconut water for increased hydration
*50mg AstraGin to increase muscle protein synthesis leading to increased muscle growth.

This hydration formula is packed full of the highest quality ingredients the market has to offer. All ingredients have gone under excessive lab testing so the ingredients are clinically dosed and all natural. That way you know you’re getting the most out of your EAA + BCAAs formula.


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